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Who is Nickijay?

15 Oct

A question I’ve been pondering for a while.  I know who I used to be – the good and the bad.  Now, I’m establishing who I will become.  Easier said than done, sure; Still, very much worth the effort.  I’m hoping this blog helps me to free a lot of creative energy that’s been stuffed inside.  What I do know today, at this moment, I’m excited to share all facets of Nickijay with all of you.  Hopefully you won’t throw virtual tomatoes.  So please be nice – thanks in advance!

In a nutshell, I’m a 30-something maneuvering through life one day at a time; or one cookie at a time depending on the day.  My passions include the love of my life, the affectionately named, Husband/Man.  I am engaging in a new love affair with our puggle Clifford – he’s been with us four months.  Last but certainly but no means least I have a slightly irrational love of all things Florida Gators.

What can you expect from this blog?  Any AND everything!  I mean it.  Friends, family bewLet's Get Crackinare, nothing is off limits.  HA!  Can you imagine how their faces dropped reading that sentence.  I kid!  While I do intend to be open with you, I plan to keep some things private.  I’m sure you understand.  That means no crazy twitter type updates; no you will not be updated when I brush my teeth, stub my toe or if I have a headache.  Those are what I call over-shares.  I plan to provide you entertaining and humorous commentary of my life.  Please poke around, tell me what you like, or don’t tell me – totally your prerogative.  And pretty pretty please come back for me any time your little heart desires.


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