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Carter Mountain Orchard

24 Oct

Hi friends.  This past weekend was absolutely as close to perfection as I could ask for.  It’s been a long time since the husband/man and I have had everything fall into place in one weekend.  You know life happens and it changes your plans all the time.  However, this past weekend everything went our way.  The weather was simply gorgeous;  blue skies and bright sunshine.  We met up with our good friends Troy and Shelby and drove up to Charlottesville VA to visit Carter Mountain Orchard. The drive up the mountain was a bit dicey.  There were as many people were driving up the mountain as were coming down.  We were on a tiny road with no barriers.  You could literally see straight down!  The husband/man did a great job of getting us safely up the dirt road.  The view was AMAZING!

View from top

See!  I told ya.. Gorgeous!  Down below was the apple orchard where you could pick your own apples.  They also had many bushels of apples that someone had already picked.  Guess which one we picked?  We didn’t want the generous soul who had already picked some apples to have done all that work in vain.  We picked the bushels.

Wine Barrel

We visited the winery and enjoyed tasting the wine selection.  There were six white wines to try.  Our favorite were the Rapidan River Semi-Dry Riesling and the Rapidan River Sweet White Reserve.  They were simply delicious!  The husband/man and I both scored that 5/5 stars!  Both ended up in a box for purchase.

Port Display

Next up were the reds.  Of the six reds, I loved them all!  Seriously, the Cater Mountain Harmony was the best; and most expensive bottle.  It’s supposed to have less sulfates so you shouldn’t get the ‘red wine headache’ that plagues many.  We settled on two bottles of the red.  The Carter Mountain Merlot (mainly for me because I simply heart Merlot – and this one had a vanilla bean undertone).  We also got the Sweet Red Reserve.  The port was one of the best port’s I’ve ever tried.  The dark chocolate with black raspberries made it so intensely smooth.  As you can imagine, it was a bit pricey.  I think it would make a great present. Hint Hint…

After the wine we tried the hot apple cider – DELISH! And the famous Apple Cider doughnuts.


I forgot to take a picture before I took a bite.  Just imagine that’s a regular sized doughnut.  It was that good!  I think we snacked on a few one.  Combine that with hot apple cider and you have a winner my friends.


Troy and Shelby

Smiles all around!  We finished off the day in the local store and brought home a jug of the apple cider, a jar of apple butter and caramel corn.  Definitely a great day!

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