Chicken Soup for the soul..

19 Oct

One of my favorite things is to cook.  Since I’ve been married, it has turned into a true passion.  I think it’s because now I finally have a kitchen all my own and I can do the things I want and set it up how I like it.  Gone are the days of sharing the kitchen with my folks, brother and sister .. and no more roommates.  My husband has his “man cave” space and the he says I’ve claimed the rest of the house.  A fair trade I think.

The weather is changing and it always changes how I cook.  I bought a whole chicken that had been cut up.  It’s been in the freezer while I was deciding what to do with it.  Yesterday I decided.  I pulled out one of my favorite wedding presents, my 5qt crock pot (thanks Kimmy).  I clean the chicken, added the regular salt and pepper.  I cut some fresh rosemary and thyme Chicken Stew from my herb garden and added some veggies – carrots, celery, onions, the works.  And let me tell you.. the HOUSE. SMELLS. DELICIOUS.  Dinner for tonight is DONE!  Since there is only two of us, that big pot will go a long way.  I’m going to make some long grain rice to accompany it.  Until then, here is a picture of all the delicious crock pot goodness! YUMMY!  If you put your face to the screen I’m sure you could smell it.  HA!


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